Welcome to Studio 13 Spray Tanning, home of Columbus, Ohio’s Premier Airbrush Spray Tans. Studio 13 provides it’s customers with the healthiest, most natural and longest lasting custom spray tan in Columbus, Ohio. Our spray tans are applied using a handheld applicator to ensure maximum skin coverage (unlike spray tan booths). Studio 13 proudly uses Norvell Sunless Spray Tan solutions exclusively. Norvell solutions are 100% vegan, paraben & gluten free and maintain your skin’s natural pH levels to ensure a healthy, non-orange spray tan. Studio 13 promises that by combining the healthiest, most natural spray tan with a good skin care regimen, you will receive an amazingly radiant spray tan!


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Step away from the cancer-causing practice of using tanning beds & direct sunlight tanning and into the realm of healthy tanning with Studio 13 Spray Tanning. All natural ingredients and paraben-free spray tanning solutions combine to create a perfectly radiant, glowing tan. It’s time to give your skin the healthy, nourishing and hydrating tan it deserves.


We know healthy, natural ingredients mean a beautifully radiant & long lasting spray tan. We use Norvell Sunless spray tanning solutions exclusively, which are 100% vegan and paraben & gluten free. Norvell’s solutions work to maintain your skin’s natural pH levels, resulting in a tan that not only last the longest, but looks beautifully radiant as well (and not orange – thank goodness!)


Unlike other spray tanning solutions that reduce your skin’s moisture levels, Studio 13’s spray tanning solutions contain essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids that nourish & hydrate your skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin; when you’re skin’s moisture factor is at its proper level, exfoliation turnover is reduced resulting in a long lasting, radiant tan.


Airbrush spray tanning involves the custom handheld application of spray tanning solution to a clients entire body resulting in a natural, radiant tan. Unlike spray tanning booths which have poor accuracy & coverage when applying spray tan in difficult-to-reach areas of the body (such as the under arms or inner legs), custom airbrush spray tanning is applied by a trained & certified spray tanning technician using a handheld airbrush spray tanning gun. This ensures the entire body is covered and contoured to give the client a beautiful, natural tan. Spray tanning solutions applied to the skin typically contain DHA, a tanning ingredient that reacts with the skin to provide a radiant tan along with bronzers and vitamins & minerals to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Studio 13 Spray Tanning provides its customers with the healthiest, most naturally radiant spray tans by using Norvell Sunless solutions exclusively; Norvell spray tanning solutions are 100% organic and gluten free to ensure clients receive the healthiest, most natural tan possible. Stop in and witness the healthiest, most natural custom airbrush spray tan in Columbus, Ohio at Studio 13 Spray Tanning.


When it comes to making sure you’re spray tan lasts as long as possible and stays radiant, maintenance is everything. Studio 13 Spray Tanning recommends following a spray tan maintenance regimen to ensure the quality & longevity of your spray tan.


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